Shipping of any kind of freight by land, sea, or air does entail a certain amount of risk. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about damages due to any unfortunate incidents, when your goods are being shipped.

We at Flyzone provide very affordable cargo insurance, which will easily cover most of the losses that could take place during the freight transportation. Our insurance service is simple to buy, and is even simpler to file for claims, if you need to.

Types of insurance


We provide different kinds of insurance depending on the type, size, and value of your goods, and the mode of transportation used.

These include:

  • Motor vehicle insurance
  • Freight forwarder’s liability
  • Worldwide transit insurance
  • Carrier’s load insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Office insurance for warehouses

If you have large shipments that need to be transported trough multiple shipping modes, then you can choose a relevant combination of the above coverages.

Simplified process

All you need to do to buy coverage from Flyzone is:

  • Fill out our insurance form online
  • Get a quote from us
  • Book insurance with payment
  • Print out the insurance certificate

You can complete the entire process online, without having to go through a maze of complicated paperwork. The simplicity and efficiency of our cargo insurance makes it the best choice for the world’s foremost freight forwarders.

Fair rates and simple claims process


We are rated as one of the best freight shipping companies in Dubai, because our freight insurance is among the most affordable in the industry. This is why we have so many businesses buying insurance for small to large containers from Flyzone.

Not only are our prices fair, but our terms and conditions are also very simple, and can be easily understood at a glance.

We also keep the claims process as simple as possible. Once you file a claim and submit the relevant documents, we make sure that you receive your claims as soon as possible. Contact us at Flyzone to learn more about our affordable, quick, and convenient cargo shipping services, with proper insurance coverage.