Our warehousing and 3rd party logistics services at Flyzone will help you ensure that your shipments are stored and shipped safely. We ensure the security of your goods, before, during, and after transit.

Here is what you typically need to do in order to meet your warehousing needs:

  • Rent or buy a place where you can store large shipments
  • Hire a warehousing manager with the right credentials and experience
  • Negotiate rates for warehousing for each and every transaction
  • Hire a logistics expert to ensure that your shipping process is accurate and efficient

What we provide?


The above steps can take up a lot of your time, and you will also need some level of expertise. Our experts at Flyzone will efficiently provide you with that expertise.

Instead of you having to deal with warehousing and shipping each and every time, you can hire our service to handle it. Let our experts handle the complexities involved in shipping and storing, while you focus on your business.

  • We use our extensive network of warehouses for your shipments
  • Our warehousing experts make sure that your products are safe from damages
  • We ensure security of your products in the warehouse and during shipping
  • We handle the shipping of your products to the destination
  • We use our advanced logistics to keep track of your inventory and shipments

Our third party logistics is one of the best in the business today, and we help hundreds of companies in keeping their shipping and warehousing costs considerably down.

Why a third party?


It is possible for companies to handle the logistics of their business on their own. However, this is a specialist job. You could hire many professionals to do this, but you will end up spending a fortune, and still not have guaranteed improvements in efficiency.

Our third party logistics service has its own department. This is what we do, day in and day out, so we understand how to meet your needs the best. We use our warehousing systems that have been developed over many years, in order to save you a lot of money and time.

3PL and warehousing are just one part of the whole system that you need, in order to keep your shipping business running. However, they are critical to your business existence. Let the experts at Flyzone handle your logistics, so that you can put more resources into other aspects of your business. Contact us today for more information.