Flyzone Freight Forwarding Services is based in Dubai and was founded in 2008.  We started out on our journey with the goal of making freight transportation processes as painless as possible for our valued clients.

Strong credibility

Over the years, we have built credibility and trust among our clients by successfully catering to their transportation requirements. They include import/export companies, food suppliers and distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, ecommerce companies, individuals, etc. Today, we are one of the most trusted global cargo transportation companies in Dubai.

Our Network

Our operations span around the globe today. We serve a vast and diverse set of customers, ranging from small businesses, government offices, educational institutions, and large companies.

Complete freight forwarding and transportation solutions

We help our clients save on time, money, and resources by efficiently taking care of their goods and cargo shipment needs, right from the moment where their shipment is picked up, to the point where it is to be delivered.

Our team

Our teams of professionals are carefully trained to do their jobs, and we have specialists to handle every step of the transportation process. Our employees are experienced and knowledgeable, and are fully aware of various processes and formalities that are needed to be completed in order to import, export, or transport goods across the world.

Our professionals are experts at aspects of freight forwarding such as compliance with local laws, cargo insurance, customs brokerage, warehousing, logistics, and safe packaging.

Extensive fleet of vehicles with accurate tracking systems

One of the highlights of our freight forwarding services is our state of the art fleet of vehicles. All our shipments and fleets are equipped with GPS for accurate location and tracking information.

Making transportation easy

We value your time, and we keep developing ways to make your freight transportation processes as efficient as possible. We have a worldwide network of warehouses that we use as consolidation hubs, in order to make your shipments easier to track and deliver.

Building long term relationships

Since we started in the year 2008, we have always strived to develop long term business relationships with our customers. Our professional services and cost effective solutions have always compelled our customers to keep coming back to us for transportation and logistical assistance.

We have completely streamlined the process of freight forwarding down to the minutest details. Once we know and understand your requirements, we will give you an accurate estimate of costs and time needed for delivering your shipments. More importantly, we always deliver on the timelines that we promise.

We listen to you

One of the reasons why our customers trust us at Flyzone so much is because we constantly keep communicating with them about developments during transportation. We actively seek feedback from our customers and incorporate them into our existing and future services. Since we actively listen to our clients, they see immediate improvements in their service.

Our mission

We develop and operate all our services with a singular goal, which is to take away the complexities of freight forwarding, logistics, and shipping, out of the way for you. All our services are designed with the singular goal of letting you focus on the more important parts of your business, while you leave freight forwarding and transportation process to our professionals at Flyzone.

We would love to hear from you about your import/export or transportations needs. Be it sending a single document or exporting huge shipments, our professionals will promptly process and implement your orders as a top priority.

Contact us at Flyzone today to learn more about our services. Our experts will be happy to discuss your requirements, and provide tailored solutions to your transportation and logistical needs.