Transporting perishable items over thousands of miles by sea, land, or air is a challenging endeavor for any import/export company. At Flyzone, we have specialized facilities to keep perishable goods fresh over the length of their transit, so that you can have your trade running smoothly, without any issues.

How we keep them fresh

Maintaining the freshness of perishable goods for longer periods is not easy, because they obviously have a short shelf-life. However, we at Flyzone, use multiple technologies to ensure that your goods do not get ruined, over an extended period of time, during the transportation.

These include:

  • Cooling or freezing of perishables before they are dispatched
  • Cooling facilities with humidity control while transportation
  • Regular monitoring of temperatures
  • Quality inspections before dispatch
  • Clean and cool warehouses that are fumigated regularly
  • A global network of warehouses with advanced cooling capabilities and temperature control systems

In the process of serving hundreds of customers since 2008, our valued clients have never once faced had problems related to perishing of their shipments. We have different kinds of facilities for different kinds of foods. Please feel free to discuss with our experts for the best solutions to import/export your shipments.

Safe storage and reliable transport

We have very strong business relationships and tie-ups with top freight carriers, and we are fully equipped to secure peak season shipping allocations for our customers. Thanks to our efficient technologies, transporting of perishables in bulk is made much easier for you.

It also gives our clients a competitive advantage in the market. For safe transit of these goods, we make special packaging and arrangements, so that delicate shipments do not get physically damaged.

When transporting perishable goods, we employ highly qualified staff to take care of them throughout transit. During customs clearance in the destination country, we do additional checks on the goods to ensure that they are still intact.

Our express delivery services of perishables also helps you carry your trades swiftly, without worrying about its technical details. Know more about our import and export services for perishables, by contacting us at Flyzone today.