Flyzone is your one stop shop for complete land freight shipment solutions in Dubai. We handle every aspect of freight shipping processes including:

  • Picking up your goods from your locations
  • Packing your shipment
  • Transporting goods through land
  • Delivering the shipment

Ship faster with our delivery network

We have an extensive and advanced land freight network throughout the world, which helps us deliver your products faster. We optimize your land shipping with:

  • Strategically located network of terminals and hubs
  • Fleets of trucks of various sizes assigned according to your shipment
  • Scheduled pickup and delivery services

We also have enduring partnerships with the best transport companies around the world. We are therefore able to offer you country-to-country land freight shipping with the same efficiency as domestic shipping.

We ensure that the complexities and the costs of shipping do not rise up dramatically, as the distance between pickup and delivery point increases.

Multi mode transport

At Flyzone, we also combine various modes of shipping including air freight, land, and sea freight in order to ensure the smooth delivery of your shipments.

Our innovative logistics enables us to choose the fastest or most economical route for shipping your goods. We are able to serve a wide base of customers as a result of our technological prowess.

By combining these various modes of transport, we can help you plan well ahead of your shipments. We need the following information about your shipment:

  • Volume of your shipment
  • Weight and dimensions of your goods
  • The country, state and city where you need to deliver
  • Contact information and pickup and collection points
  • How fast you need you shipment to be delivered

Once we have the required data, we compute the most efficient way to transport your goods through land freight, and give you the quote. Because we have been improving our logistics for more than 6 years now, we can offer you expedited shipping at very affordable rates.

Contact us at Flyzone Dubai today for transporting any volumes of shipments, at low costs. We will be happy to put you in touch with our shipping experts, and work out the most viable shipping solutions for your requirements.