Whether you need to send a small shipment or large shipment spanning multiple containers, our professionals at Flyzone will be more than glad to pick them up from your doorsteps, and have it delivered to wherever you need. Our door to door delivery service powers hundreds of business today, and it effectively helps them in conducting their trades more efficiently.

Swift delivery


We give you a fairly accurate estimate of the time that it will take to deliver your shipment from one location to another. Most importantly, we always deliver the goods on time.

We are able to ensure swift and timely delivery because:

  • We have a large network of coordinated warehouses and hubs worldwide
  • Our logistics provides advanced tracking, both to our internal teams and to you
  • We have partnerships with air, sea, and land freight forwarder throughout the world for faster transportation of your goods
  • We employ highly efficient drivers for our fleets

We provide regular shipping services for transporting normal goods, and express delivery for those goods with short delivery timeframes.

Simple delivery process


We keep the delivery process very simple for our customers. Here is how it works:

  • We analyze the shipment that needs to be delivered
  • We provide an estimate of cost and time, depending on the nature of goods, and distance between the start and end point
  • You get a tracking number that you can use on our web portal to know where your shipments are at any given point of time
  • Your product is always delivered within the promised timeframes

All the complicated steps in between which include dealing with export, import and other paperwork are our responsibility. We are one of the very few freight forwarding companies in Dubai that can provide you with such efficient door to door delivery at highly affordable rates.

Give us a call or email us about your requirements for delivering shipments of any kind. We will be happy to fulfill your order, by using our vast and accomplished resources.