Affordable Worldwide Sea Freight Services


Flyzone is unquestionably your best solution provider, whenever you need a reliable freight shipping service. We are one of the most trusted freight transportation companies in Dubai. We help you ship your goods more efficiently, with coordinated pickups, customs clearance, tariff procedures, and movement tracking.

Why sea freight?


Sea freight takes longer than air cargo, but it is exponentially cheaper and hence is the most economically viable option for bulk transportation. It is the preferred mode of transport for shipping large quantities of goods of all types, be it food products, vehicles, home relocation across international borders, electronic shipments, etc.

We provide you with either door to door, or port to port delivery services, according to your needs. Our transit times are consistent and reliable all year round, so you can plan your shipments well ahead of time.

LCL Freight


If your freight has a smaller shipment that does not need a full container, we provide a worldwide LCL or Less than Container Load freight service. With freight consolidations, we make even the smaller shipments more economical for our customers, so that you do not always have to spend too much even if you are not sending out bulk shipments

FCL Freight


If you have large volumes of freight to transport, then you will benefit from our FCL or Full Container Load shipment. Bulk shipments are, of course, more economical than LCL, but we manage to drop your transport costs even further down with reliable timing, shipment monitoring for security, and lower freight charges.

Break Bulk Cargo


Some of our customers have shipments that are too large to fit even into full containers. Our specialists can help you coordinate these large shipments with accuracy. We will efficiently guide you through the complex process of large freight shipping.

Our features

  • Space allocations with major and important carriers
  • Advanced shipment tracking and reporting
  • Consolidation centers to manage your cargo flow more efficiently

Why Flyzone?

  • We simplify your freight transportation process to the point, where you do not have to worry about it at all
  • We optimize your shipping routes to reduce transit times and costs
  • You will always know where your shipment is, at any point in time

Please feel free to contact us at Flyzone for shipping any kind of goods, including vehicles, food products, equipment, machinery, etc.