We at Flyzone have many years of experience in the freight forwarding services. What makes our company stand out from our competitors is that we operate with a huge global network of warehouses and modern fleets. We also provide you with some of the most cost effective packaging, distribution, and logistics services.

Services we offer


Our services for packaging and distribution include:

  • Picking up deliveries
  • Sorting and storing them at the warehouses
  • Packaging of goods with the proper packing materials [Double or single layered boxes, bubble wraps, duct tapes, stretchable wraps, envelopes, hard casing, etc]
  • Shipping of goods
  • Delivery at your preferred destinations

By getting these repetitive and time consuming aspects of your business out of the way, you can devote more time into running your core business and generating new ideas. In fact, this is what our clients have been able to do, as a result of our top notch freight forwarding services.


At Flyzone, we have experts for each part of the packaging and distribution process:

  • Our warehousing experts ensure that your goods are secure and safe from any kind of damages
  • Our advanced logistics helps you keep track of the status of various shipments
  • Our skilled workers make sure that the goods are stored, transported, and handled professionally
  • Our extensive network of warehouses all over the world ensures that your shipments are consolidated efficiently for faster and cheaper transport
  • Our advanced fleet of trucks and vehicles deliver your goods on time

Over the years, our experts have developed sophisticated logistics systems that help in delivering your shipments much faster.

Distribution is most important aspect of supply chain management, and we can help you turn it into a real asset for your business. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our distribution and packaging services.