Flyzone offers businesses and individual customers with affordable freight import services. We can help you import goods of all sizes and types from around the world. Everyday, we import large number of shipments for a diverse set of customers, and also help them completing all the necessary paperwork.

Emergency import


We specialize in importing goods on short timelines. If you need to import something quickly, even the large shipments, we can efficiently deliver it to the destination of your choice.

We are able to achieve this because:

  • We plan and optimize the routes for your shipments to be imported
  • Our shipping experts take care of all the logistics on your behalf
  • We use multiple modes of transport, to make your imports even quicker

Flyzone is the leading freight import services in UAE, because our clients always trust us to make even the emergency shipment deliveries on time.

Extensive network


We have an extensive network of transport services, brokers, and airline companies. We have cultivated deep partnerships with some of the best shipping companies in the world. This allows us to make definite promises on shipments, and deliver on them time on each given instance.

Advanced logistics and tracking


We have a very transparent import tracking system. Our logistics have been developed by our experts, and we have kept improving them in the last 6 years.

Our logistics allow you to:

  • Get detailed reports of the shipments, modes of transport, timings etc.
  • Keep track of exactly where your shipment is moving any time given point of time during the import
  • Get notifications when they reach major and minor  hubs

Our customers find our logistics to be very comforting, since they know that their shipments are always on track for timely import delivery.

Staff round the clock


We have specialized professionals to take care of various stages of your import, so that you do not face any kind of delays. We make it a point to first clear the necessary paperwork that are required for your imports, so that your goods get cleared at customs on time.

We leverage modern technologies and take advantage of the web to make your import process as painless as possible. Give us a call or email us about your requirements. Let us take care of the complexities involved in your freight imports, while you focus on more pressing matters related to your business.