If you send out small shipments regularly to different locations of a certain region, then your shipping costs will naturally be high.

Flyzone offers freight consolidation services, so that your goods can be stored nearer to destination locations, from where they can be delivered. This will help you cut on costs, and also in reducing the shipping timeframes.

Control your supply chain


When you have several LCL shipments that are being forwarded to the same region, we consolidate them into a single large FCL shipment.

This means:

  • The same volume of goods can be send with fewer freight units
  • Your logistics are made much simpler
  • You save on import and export duties
  • Your shipments reach their destinations faster
  • Your warehousing costs also go down

Over the years, we have developed large network of warehouses, and have partnered with some of the most reputed air, ocean, and land careers. Our logistics system gives you the most efficient freight consolidation, so that you can maximize your savings.

Safer freight shipments


The freight consolidation services by Flyzone also allow for safer shipments. There is always some amount of risk associated with every shipment. As the number of shipments grows, the risks also multiply at the same pace.

Consolidation of your freight will help you package multiple shipments into a few containers. This naturally reduces the risks for your shipments. As a result your insurance costs also go down, and you save a lot more.

Our freight consolidations features:

  • Multiple consolidations at various ports for more efficient shipping
  • Optimal routes for faster delivery
  • Advanced logistics to keep track of consolidated shipments
  • Reduced documentation

We have been helping retailers from all over the world in making their goods deliveries faster, while reducing costs and maximizing their profits.

Our consolidation services will do wonders for your supply chain, especially if most of your shipments are of less than container (LCL) load. Feel free to contact us for more information about freight consolidation.