At Flyzone Dubai, we provide complete export services including paperwork, logistics, pick up, freight, and delivery. We can export any type of goods to almost anywhere in the world. We provide consistent delivery throughout the year, but more importantly on time.

We ship any goods

We export a variety of goods including:

  • Large volumes of electronics
  • Food products
  • Motor vehicles
  • Other essential goods

We understand that exporting all those goods require extensive paperwork. We know the procedures that are required in various countries, and about how the laws work. We take care of the entire export process with our extensive network of brokers, transport companies, and courier services.

Complete logistics support


At the core of our expertise in exporting such a wide variety of goods efficiently, and on time, is our advanced logistics technology. Whether it is a single document or a large shipment with multiple containers, we provide you with complete tracking including:

  • Customs clearance reports
  • Location of your shipment
  • Estimated time of delivery

We provide support for the complete export processes, right from picking up the goods from any location. We also provide warehousing services and customs clearance, so you have little nothing to worry about.



The documents required for exporting and shipping of some goods can be painstakingly extensive. However, our staff members work round the clock, so that each and every document is in place.

It includes:

  • Air and marine insurance coverage
  • Letter of credits
  • Export declarations
  • Booking services
  • Consolidations
  • Freight contract negotiations
  • Master bill of lading

At Flyzone, we handle large number of export shipments everyday, and have been doing so since 2008. We have enough experience to know the ins and outs of exporting, which allows you to make the process more efficient for you.

Let us handle the export procedures for you, while you can work on your more important business matters. Contact us today for more information and quotes on Exports.