Any kind of freight shipment that is being exported will require proper documentation, and it has to be legalized before it is accepted at the ports.

At Flyzone, we handle the entire import/export process, so that your shipments do not face any kind of hiccups, and are always forwarded on time. We save you the time and efforts required to navigate through the laws of different countries. It will help you save a lot on transportation costs, because you won't have to additionally hire expert translators and legal professionals.


Most exports will have to be authorized, before they leave the port in any country. In addition to import/export licensing, you will need documents that provide and confirm information such as:

  • Origin of the shipment
  • Nature of the goods
  • The company or entity exporting the goods
  • The destination of the goods

The documents pertaining to this information will then be verified by the authorized officers at the port. We verify and legalize your documents, related to all exports. With many years of experience in international freight forwarding, and with our strong networks worldwide, we can efficiently expedite the documentation process for you.


  • Minimize the time needed to document and legalize your exports
  • Stop worrying about export and import laws in various countries
  • Eliminate undue fines or penalties on shipments at the customs
  • Get the experts to handle your documentation, so it is done in the right way
  • With our strong verification processes, all errors related to paperwork will be eliminated

Our documentation and legalization process is all about saving you valuable time and money. It is very critical for your business to take care of minute yet important details related to exports. Let our experts at Flyzone handle the entire process for you, so that you do not face any issues related to exporting your goods.

Our professionals know how the laws work, and we have experts in all countries we operate. If the country’s laws provide the provisions, then we can also legalize your exports once they land at the destination port. Give us a call today for any kind of legal documentation assistance, pertaining to your imports/exports.